Basic Witchcraft Course

  • By: Davina MacKail 
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Exams: At the end of each module
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    What's included?

    • Videos
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    • Exams

    First Witchcraft Course

    This is the foundation course for all our Witches. You will be taught the Old Ways of the Witches and how they used to practice their Craft. It may be named as 'basic' but this course is not easy and it requires persistence and practice. 

    School of Witchcraft

    After millennia of Silence, we are here, stronger than ever and ready to reclaim our Witchy power. Hence, we have established the Alexandrian School of Witchcraft. For us, this is a way of telling you that in Magical Recipes Online, we are dedicated on re-creating a World of Magic.
    Meet the instructor

    Davina MacKail

    Davina is going to be our guide and tutor to this amazing magical journey. Broadcasting from the Sacred land of Incas in Peru, Davina will introduce us step-by-step on Basic Witchcraft course!

    Let’s dive into her magical jungle!
    Patrick Jones - Course author