Alexandrian School of Witchcraft and Unseen Arts

After millennia, a School of Witchcraft and Occult Arts is here. Claim back your Witchy Skills.

Welcome to the Alexandrian School of Witchcraft and Unseen Arts. This is our first course - Basic Witchcraft Course. Our Teacher and Guide will be Davina MacKail, who broadcasts from the land of Incas, Peru. The Witchcraft Course starts with an introduction followed by 6 modules. Each Module includes practice, meditation and of course, exams. 

Coming up with two new courses on Astrology, Astral Energy and Summoning Spirits of Planets and their energies for Power and Abundance. 
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Davina MacKail

Davina is going to be our guide and tutor in this amazing magical journey. Broadcasting from the Sacred land of the Incas in Peru, Davina will introduce us step-by-step on our Basic Witchcraft course!

Let’s dive into her magical jungle!

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